In 2011 the "Förderkreis Synagoge Laufersweiler" and the private initiative "I Hope" (both Germany) decided to apply for a human rights project at the German foundation EVZ (Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft - Remembrance, Responsibility and Future). Fortunately the project with the provocative title was selected to be sponsored within the program "EUROPEANS FOR PEACE". The organizers found more sponsors, especially the Protestant Church in Germany, who were convinced that such trilateral meetings could have positive effects on young people.
After many difficulties the project took place in Germany (August 2012) and Palestine/Israel (September/October 2012). Nearly 40 young people met and worked together with respect and tolerance on the chosen topic. They visited different places and interviewed eye-witnesses about various issues. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict could not be excluded from the meetings, but political issues were not the focus of the project.
Some participants have put together the material in this online newspaper, which was also printed. Furthermore they created a shorter trilingual print version (German, Hebrew, Arabic) and a film, which can also be watched on the website.
The aims of the project were clear: Despite different backgrounds young people should work together on a topic, learn about human rights and gender equality and practise at the same time journalistic techniques like writing articles, interviewing eye-witnesses, filming and photography. .
The positive effects of the project turned out to be more important than the negative political implications.
An Israeli participant wrote:
"Without the project I would never have talked to a Palestinian".
A Palestinian girl said: "Now I know that behind the wall there are also people like you and me".
A German explained: "We learned that Israelis and Palestinians are all human beings and not only part of a conflict region. There must be more meetings and projects like ours to change minds".

The online newspaper would like to give an insight to what was done during the project time and to give people the chance to think about themselves, prejudice and hate. After the meeting all were convinced that young people must have the opportunity to meet, even if they disagree with each other in some points.

Everybody is invited to give comments or ask questions about the project. Find details on pages 3, 110 and under imprint.

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